Company Brief

1.   Company Products

We are a well-established manufacturing company of Plush Stuffed Toys and we are specialised in producing plush and all cut-and-sewn products.  Our Products include Seasonal Items, Collectible Teddy Bear, Infant Toys, Glow-in-Dark items, Realistic & Wild Animals, Animal Key chains, Ornaments, Backpacks, Puppets ,Coin purseand many more.

2.   Qualification for Production.

*  Disney –  ILS No. FAC-014125 for Master Toys Co. in China & FAC-038611 for Master Vina Co. in Vietnam

*  Bandai – Approved

*  Tomy – Approved

*  Sanrio – Approved

*  Wal –Mart – Approved 

*  Coca Cola – Approved

*  ICTI Certificate ID No :  C3203 for Master Toys Co. in China & C011076 for Master Vina Co. in Vietnam


3.   Capacity

250 workers in China. .

1280 sewing machines and 3,000workers and 900,000pcs per month in Vietnam...


4.   Type of  Business

Manufacturer & Exporter of

-          Stuffed Plush Toys

-          Action  Plush Toys with mechanism & Module

-          Mobile item

-          Infant Toys     , Hair Accessaries.

-          OEM & ODM products


5.   Policyof the Company.

   * Best Design

Well-experience Korean designers and our Professional Design team provide you the most innovative ideas on whatever you dream of!  If you need some stuffed toy samples, we can offer them to you within a week upon request.

  * Best Price

We have every advantage on what our customers want Chinese labour, Hong Kong management, Korean Design and Production Control.  Our multi-national team can meet your Targets with mega-capacity, capable of making over million toys a month and yet expanding. 

  * Best Quality

Advanced Korean Production Control and well-organized Chinese workmanship will make the Best Quality in the world.  Also, we granted Social Accountability that is the most uprising issue in the developed countries.


6.   Design and R & D

We have  well-experience designers who are working for the plush toy business in more than 15 years.    We have 10  Designers.


7.   Business Direction

We have long experience in working with OEM customers. With this background, We opened our HK office to make expand our business volume especially for generic toys in 2001.We know every customer is always looking for new material and new design.  To meet their requirement, Our sourcing team in Korea is supporting  at any time. If you are looking for any new material, Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Thank you for your attention,

Yours Sincerely,